We are a full service digital agency focusing on web design, development, branding and marketing. NewTern Web works with clients in all sorts of different fields and pursuits, and companies that are big, small, non-profit and independently owned.

We pride ourselves on partnering with clients and listening to what their needs are in order to give the most transparent and educational experience from scoping to deployment

We are a partnership who have strengths in both design and digital marketing. Our unique experience will help you get a great working website and help you use it to grow your business.

The NewTern Team

Geoff Hiscock

With over 20 years experience and 350 websites designed, developed and managed. Geoff went from designing websites to managing a team of ten staff members.

Prior to starting NewTern, he managed a company that hosted, provided email and websites to over 170 non-automotive dealership websites in U.S. and Canada with a system that gathered and fed ads for over 3000 items of inventory.

He loves to build efficient sites that get users engaged and increase business conversions for them.

Veronica Fox

Veronica has over fifteen years of customer service experience and 10 years in management. Throughout her career, she has worked with her companies in helping them to build on their current websites and expand their social media platforms. 

Veronica knows how to listen to her client’s stories, and make their visions come to life.  She quotes “the best part of my job is helping my clients to grow and achieve their goals, what is a win for them feels like a win for myself.”